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Oregonians love their coffee and why wouldn’t they. Portland was declared the Number One “Best Coffee City” by Time Magazine the last 2 years.

I couldn’t believe that it beat out Seattle really. I thought I was a coffee connoisseur when I was back in Texas. I knew what a good cup of coffee was. When I moved here and found the roasters I’ve met and doing business with I see now why Portland is Number One.

MJ Mikes has developed a relationship with two major coffee roasters here in the Portland, Oregon area to provide an exclusive private labeled brand. This private labeled brand is either branded with the MJ Mikes logo or your own exclusive brand for your cannabis store.

The coffee is roasted, and if ground then either infused with cannabis oil extract or not and then packaged here as our private labeled coffee ready for sale.

Own Your Own Coffee Bar!

Typically, starting a coffee shop or pop up cafe is cost prohibitive. But not with MJ Consulting! We help place a customized coffee bar in your medical marijuana dispensary or recreational cannabis store. Learn more by visiting MJ Mike’s Coffee Shop or calling us today!

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